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Gliding to a Crimson Morning

WK Butler Gliding to a Crimson Morning 22 X 18

Gliding to a Crimson Morning, 22′ x 18” framed , Kodak Endura Photograph.

It’s a  chilly Long Weekend Friday. But when the sun breaks through the clouds we begin to think about being out on the water both morning and night.

The days are coming, the days are near: the warmer weather will soon be here. Have a safe and relaxing, long weekend.

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Cranberry Lake View

W K Butler Cranberry Lake View 26 x 20                           Cranberry Lake View, 26″ x20″ framed, Kodak Endura photograph.

It’s raining here in La Cloche the plants and trees are getting a good watering today. The hummingbirds are back and the baltimore orioles passed through on the weekend.

It is hard to believe  the Long Weekend starts tomorrow. The long range forecast says single digit temperatures!

Perivale Gallery opened 33 years ago, in Spring Bay on Manitoulin Island. Each May Long weekend Perivale  opens for  its summer season. I am pleased to add my name to such an accomplished group of artists represented at Perivale Gallery. See you at Perivale Gallery’s 2014 Opening  on Sunday, May 18, 2014.