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Photography allows me to capture a fleeting moment of nature’s beauty and splendor. I feel a strong connection to the geography of Northern Ontario.  My photographs capture the graphic and familiar elements of the land.

My landscape photographs are a representation of what I have seen and love about the La Cloche / Manitoulin geography.

The natural light of sunrise or sunset has an intensity that requires no embellishment or adjustment from a computer program. My method is to return often to the same location with my camera and tripod and compose photographs. The reward comes when I am present for the best natural light and colour.. Immersion in the shape and colour of the landscape continues to inspire me.

I use a Nikon D80 digital camera. My prints are Kodak Endura mounted photographs and each one is custom framed with an archival mat.


 Artist Biography

For over 30 years, Kerry has enjoyed taking travel and nature photography. While her children were growing up, the content turned to family milestones and experiences. Photographing the landscape of Northern Ontario continues to inspire her.

Year round hiking and exploring in the quartzite ridges of the La Cloche Mountains have provided ample opportunity for Kerry to experience and photograph her northern landscape.

Kerry enjoys using photography to capture the beauty and mood of a setting. “I feel I am drawn to capture a view and/or experience through photography. The present moment is not to be hung on to, yet a photograph allows me to celebrate it. Photography allows me to share the special moments of my life in La Cloche Country.”

Her photographs have been selected for juried shows in Sudbury, Manitoulin and La Cloche.

Kerry’s photographs are for sale at Perivale Gallery at Spring Bay on Manitoulin Island.

Kerry lives in the village of Willisville with her husband, Jon.

Kerry Butler

Willisville, Box 153

Whitefish Falls, P0P 2H0



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